Strange things have happened since the unveiling. For one, I’m no longer a Los Angeles police detective. Not after the whole place was overrun by President Dixon’s vampire storm troopers. I know, I’m using the storm trooper name tongue-in-cheek but that’s essentially what they are. Dixon empowered the darker elements of the magical folk to come out and be themselves.

It’s a scary place out there especially if you’re human. I had always known that my mother was a witch but didn’t think that kind of magic was passed down through generations.

I was wrong.

When Dixon’s power surge raced across the United States uncovering all the magical creatures that had managed to keep themselves hidden for centuries, I discovered I was Fae and a witch.

Being a witch was surprising enough, but my mother’s powerful magic kept my Fae side hidden from me until the day of the Unveiling as we now called it. President Dixon declared it a national holiday.

I don’t know the exact kind of Fae my father had been but definitely had something to do with water. My new magical powers saved me from most certain death in this new world unlike the pure humans who’d been herded god knows where by the Dark Folk and their werewolf minions.

I wasn’t strong enough to stop them but I sure as hell wasn’t going to join them either.